Landowner 101

The Landowner 101 Educational Workshop Series

Are you a new landowner and looking for information about managing your land?

Since 2018,  the Landowner 101 Workshop series has been our flagship program targeted towards engaging with new landowners and providing an approachable introduction to the many components of land management. Started in McKinney, TX, this workshop series has grown to engaging and partnering with  landowners across North Texas in cooperation with the AgriLife Extension offices in Collin, Denton, Hunt, and Grayson Counties.

In this program, landowners will learn the basics of  everything from maintaining their ag valuation and grant/cost—share programs to pasture and livestock management. Our goal is to equip new and experienced landowners with the basic knowledge and tools to plan and implement the operational goals they have for their property.


2021 Program Dates

April 23rd

Topics: Property Taxes & Local Resources

  • Property Taxes/Ag Valuation
  • Wildlife Valuation
  • Useful agencies to know

May 28th

Topics: Planning your Ag Business

  • Marketing Your Product
  • Assessing The Resources on your Land
  • Accounting/Business Management

June 25th

Topics: Introduction to Land Management


  • Fencing
  • Farm Equipment and Maintenance
  • Pond Management

July 23rd

Topics: Principles of Sustainable Agriculture

  • Pasture management, stocking rate, & biodiversity
  • Crop Selection for Small Acreage
  • Soil Health & Cover Crops

August 27th

Topics: Principles of Livestock Management

  • Low-stress Livestock Handling
  • Nutrition & Supplementation
  • Herd/Flock Health


2019 Landowner 101 resources

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