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Reference Guide for Collin County Landowners

Agriculture Statistics for Collin County

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Selected Publications in Agriculture and Natural Resources:

Soil Management

Soil Properties and Quality

Soil Conservation


Wells and Drinking Water

Wastewater and Septic Systems

Ponds and Pond Management

Vegetation, Pasture/Range, and weed control

Pasture/Hay Meadow Management


Web Resources

Rangeland Management

Brush and Weed Control

Texas A&M AgriLife Extension has a great website for their Brush Busters program: This resource covers a multitude of methods to control brush and other noxious species of plants.

Prescribed Fire

For more information about implementing prescribed fire, please visit the Texas Prescribed Burn Handbook at

Farming and Crop Production

Crop Production

Aggie Horticulture Small Acreage Crops Resources – contains information on beginning the grow crops on small acreages, and includes guides on expected yields, profitability, and other information.

Crop Pest Management


Choosing Livestock Operations and Stocking Rates

Livestock Management, Nutrition, and Health


Sheep & Goats



More information may be found at the Texas A&M Poultry Science Extension Publications Page


Livestock Pests



Wildlife Valuation for Agricultural Use

The Wildlife and Fisheries Science Department at Texas A&M have a great website with information on wildlife management at

White-Tailed Deer

Feral Hogs


Web Resources

Quail and Upland Birds


Web Resources

Ranch Maintenance and Operations

Infrastructure, Fences, and Structures

Operating a farm/ranch business

Property Taxes

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