Agriculture & Natural Resources Program Summaries

Curious about the outcomes of our Agriculture & Natural Resources programs? Every year we generate summaries of our major program areas with data and information about the impact our programs had in our county. The reports are posted annually in December, and the topics and titles vary based on the critical issues identified in the county as well as the time-in-service of the County Extension Agent in the position. A copy is provided here for reference.


  • 2020 New Landowner Program Summary
  • 2020 Crops, Livestock, & Forage Program Summary
  • 2020 Blackland Prairie Master Naturalists Summary
  • 2020 Collin County Community Collaboration and Outreach Summary


  • 2019 Ag. Education Program Summary
  • 2019 Water Program Summary


  • 2018 Agriculture & Natural Resources Program Summary

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