Collin County 4-H Clubs

4-H Clubs

Field and Stream        Manager, Nikki Milam, 972-832-8553

Archery Coach – Nikki Milam, 972-832-8553

Shotgun Coach – Chad Warren (, 859-391-3408)

Rifle and Pistol – David Hunter (, 469-400-2075)

This is a shooting sports club that covers all disciplines such as archery, shotgun, rifle and pistol.  Community service projects are offered.

Meetings:  4th Monday at 7pm

50 E. Louisiana Street in McKinney on the 4th Monday at 7pm


Legacy:     Manager, Tammy Duke, 214-212-5546

Manager, Kathrin Esposito, 214-616-2460

This club focuses on Foods & Nutrition, Community Service, Arts & Crafts, Horses, Public Speaking, Poultry, Dog, Photography, Leadership and Record books.

Meetings: 4th Monday at 7pm

Lovejoy High School,

2350 Estates Parkway, Lucas, TX


Lone Star : Manager, Lori Bierman  214 926 7273

This is a Horse Project club offering activities in Horsemanship, Horse Development & Training, in addition to teaching life & leadership skills, and educating our members on equine careers.  You DO NOT have to own a horse to participate in this club.  Our goal is to keep our youth embedded in the equine industry for a life-time.  We also offer a Community Service Project for those horse-lovers wanting to focus on volunteering and responsible citizenship.

Meetings:  1st Tuesday, 6:30 pm

Creekwood United Methodist Church

261 Country Club Rd., Fairview, TX  75069 (children bldg. behind church)


Sugar Hill:  Manager, Tami Becker, 214-538-9920

Manager, Sharon Spangler, 469-247-5906

Archery Coach – Leslie Dockery,

Rifle Coach – Frank Becker,

Shotgun Coach – Chuck Finley,

Entomology Coach – Timothy Finley,

Arts & Crafts Coach – Catherine Finley and Theresa Finley,

Art Coach – Darby LaGrave,

Robotics Coach – Leslie Dockery,

Clover Kids Nature Group – Tami Becker,

This is a Community Club in the Farmersville and surrounding areas.  They have a wide range of projects ongoing throughout the year.  Main projects are Food Challenge/Nutrition, Dog, Shooting Sports, Leadership, Entomology, Arts and Crafts, Robotics, and Community Service.

Meetings:  3rd Monday at 7pm

First Baptist Church of Farmersville

124 S. Washington St., Farmersville, TX  75442



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